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I'm currently a final year English language & linguistics student at the University of Glasgow. I'm the Features Editor for the Glasgow University Magazine (@gumagazine), and the Arts Editor for the Glasgow Guardian newspaper (@theglasgowguardian)

Written Work

Words of science; the science of words

Language permeates almost every facet of our daily lives. Due to this omnipresence, few of us stop to consider its history and ask the question: why are these the words that I’m using? Though linguists agree that language is constantly evolving, it ebbs and flows at such a pace that we often fail to notice the subtle changes in our own vocabularies. Delving into the etymology of words allows us to reflect on our language in its historical context and explore why changes happen. English is the m

Music: How it heals

Music is a unique, personal, and deeply individual experience for each of us. Nostalgia can be healing. When I think of nostalgic music, I think of the tunes that my dad used to play (and still plays) whenever we were going somewhere in the car, be it a long trip or a 10-minute drive. His taste is a mix of the standard “dad’s music” with a bit of eclecticism thrown in. Songs such as Cyber Insekt by The Fall and 28 Butts by Little Jackie immediately take me back to my youth. This heals me as it

“We’re a DIY band”: A review of Calva Louise at The Attic

Despite the looming exam-period dread, I jumped at the chance to review Calva Louise’s gig at The Attic on Monday the 2nd of December. The group of three hails from all corners of the world: vocalist and main guitarist Jess Allanic from Venezuela, drummer Ben Parker from New Zealand, and bassist Alizon Taho from France. The moment I listened to their newly released, 10-track debut album Rhinoceros, I knew I had to see them live. Glasgow was the second stop of their December mini-tour, and after

A Reflection on the Impact of Nature

Moving from a village on the coast of rural North Wales (with a population of just under 1,000) to the bustling hub that is Glasgow (Scotland’s largest city with a population of over 600,000) is no small feat for someone who’s never been away from home for longer than a week. The first few weeks of living in Glasgow went perfectly fine: the excitement of freshers’ week and meeting new people and exploring the city all keeping me on the tip of my toes. But as time went on, I realised how major it

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